Stijn Paridaens Ziggzagg
Stijn Paridaens


Warning: breathes vision. 3D-print connaisseur and always on the lookout to new features added to the 3D-scene. Likes Red-bull.

Michael Vandezande Ziggzagg
Michael Vandezande


Ambitious in providing solutions to customers. Can talk to products as if they were family. Background in Industrial Product Design. Likes to challenge ideas.

Carla Volckaert Ziggzagg
Carla Volckaert

HR & Office Manager

Everybody’s favorite voice on the phone. Might sit down with you to talk. She will make you pay, gladly. Likes icecream on a hot day.

Stefan Leroy Ziggzagg
Stefan Leroy

Account manager

Enjoys daily surprises about what 3D-printing can do. Chances are high he will explain a thing or two about 3D-printed medical applications. Likes a good laugh.