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Nasal swabs Press Release

Belgian 3d printing company Ziggzagg ready to remedy the shortage of COVID-19 nasal swabs.

As a member of the HP DMN (Digital Manufacturing Network), a global network of 3D printing experts using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion Technology, Ziggzagg is able to overcome the shortage of 180,000 test swabs per week with its capacity. “The current COVID test capacity in Belgium is more than insufficient – says Stijn Paridaens – everyone wants to be tested and manufacturers are currently unable to meet the demand. If Belgium wants to perform 40,000 tests per day, we will have to use additional production methods. HP’s industrial-grade 3D printing capabilities are perfectly suited for this.”

“It took a few weeks to get these AM produced swabs through all the validation and on top of that, we wanted to find the right pharmaceutical partners to offer an end-to-end solution towards hospitals and doctors. In the US, these swabs have been validated by Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Medical Center with positive results.

“Production can now start here as well”, says Paridaens, and it’s a great addition to our existing COVID solution range in addition to standard products such as Face shields, ear protection against long-term use of mouth masks, opening contact-less doors and water taps.

Our current capacity ensured that we could support the needs of the medical sector in the last couple of weeks. More than 75,000 products have been distributed to Belgian hospitals to date.

Continuity during lockdown

Ziggzagg specializes in 3D printing services and offers consultancy to their customers in addition to production. Ziggzagg has been qualified for production at scale, as well as their manufacturing and quality processes. In their 10-year existence, they have always been able to follow the curve of 3d printing and invested where necessary under impulse of the family Seynaeve, owners of Ziggzagg.

Today Ziggzagg has a machine park that can compete with the top at European level and supplies products to thousands of customers in the Benelux and the rest of the world. The Ziggzagg team consists of a group of experts who can respond very agile and quickly to the shortages in the market.

“We felt it was important to continue to provide our customers, who mostly worked from home, with parts. The lockdown also increased creativity among our customers when it comes to temporarily bridging foreign imports via bridge manufacturing in their own country via AM (Additive manufacturing)”, concludes Paridaens.

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